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Richpen Airbrush Parts for Apollo Series

We stock a selection of replacement parts for the Richpen line of airbrushes.
Below is the parts breakdown that applies to the Apollo series airbrushes: 112A, 112B, 113C. For sake of simplicity the airbrush shown is a Apollo 112B.

All parts are interchangeable between the 112A and the 112B models. However, the 113C model has quite different size parts from the 112A and 112B although mechanically the same. The only parts that work in the all three models are #13 Needle Locknut, #17 Shift Pin, #18 O-Ring/Shift Pin and Air Valve Assembly parts (#20 to #23).

Please specify for which model the parts are required.


1. Needle Cap Lenz Price $3.30 for 112A and 113C

2. Nozzle Cap Lenz Price $10.50 for 112A and 113C

3. Tip/Nozzle Lenz Price $23.40 for 112A and 113C

4. Body [not available]

5. Screw/Stop Lenz Price $0.90 for 113C

6. Guide Screw [not available]

7. O-Ring Needle Lenz Price $1.20 for 113C

8. Set Screw/O-Ring [not available]

9. Needle Support [not available]

10. Needle Spring [not available]

11. Spring Screw [not available]

12. Needle [not available]

13. Needle Locknut [not available]

14. Handle [not available]

15. Finger Lever/Trigger [not available]

16. Back Lever [not available]

17. Shift Pin [not available]

18. O-Ring/Shift Pin [not available]

19. Valve Washer [not available]

20. Valve Body [not available]

21. Valve Plunger [not available]

22. Valve Spring [not available]

23. Valve Washer [not available]

24. Air Valve Assembly Lenz Price $17.40 for 113C

Please contact us for a stock check on parts as supply is currently limited.
There is a $10.00 minimum for parts orders.