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LaserDisc Inventory

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Titles beginning with a number are included with the A titles. For instance, "101 Dalmations" would be under the A section.

Note that "3 Men and a Baby" might be listed as "Three Men and a Baby" depending on how it was entered into the system, therefore might be under A or T.

Be sure to also look up a disc by it's actual title. For instance, "Roger Rabbit" should be under A for "The Adventures of Roger Rabbit."

Some older films are sometimes combined in a set. A John Wayne collection of two films will be under the title of the first film in the set.

Music titles can sometimes be difficult to locate. For these you can try the "Find..." feature of your browser when viewing our Complete A-Z List. Try the recording artists' last name and also try a search by first name.

Title Acronyms
The discs may or may not include additional information in the title, such as:

WS/Ltx Widescreen, Letterbox; bands on the top and bottom of the screen.
P/PS Pan&Scan; picture may have been cropped left and right to fit a TV screen.
AC-3/DD Dolby Digital encoding, formerly known as "AC-3".
Criterion/Crit/CC Criterion Collection, premium pressing often including special goodies like the movie trailer, interviews, etc.
THX Lucasfilm's THX standard for an optimal pressing.
DS Dolby Surround sound.
DG Digital sound.
BW Black & white movie.
BA Ballet.
BW&T Color tinted black & white movie.
BW&C Black&white and color, usually for double movie sets.
SW Shrinkwrapping is dog-eared and or the cover has some wearing.
RM Re-mastered. In improved version over a previous release.
PN Punched cover, cover has a hole though it in one corner.
J Japanese language dialog
J&E Japanese language dialog and English language dialog on separate track.
J&E SUB Japanese language dialog with English subtitles.
F, F&E SUB French language dialog with English subtitles.
SP, SP&E SUB Spanish language dialog with English subtitles.
D Dutch language dialog with English subtitles.
H Hungarian language dialog with English subtitles.
R Russian language dialog with English subtitles.
I Italian language dialog with English subtitles.
SD Swedish language dialog with English subtitles.
G German language dialog with English subtitles.

AC Action
CT Concert
CO Comedy
MU/MS Music
FO Foreign
DR/DM Drama
CH Children's
AN Animated
SF Science Fiction
HO/HR Horror
WE Western
SP Sports
SI Special Interest
EX Exercise
BA Ballet

Condition of the Discs
All discs are new, factory sealed.

Handling/Packing & Shipping
There is a $4.99 packing and handling charge for all domestic orders, in addition to the shipping charge. (International orders are $9.99 packing/handling, plus shipping.)

FedEx Ground: For the shipping portion of the charges we simply pass along to you whatever FedEx charges. Within the continental United States, those charges run $13-$19 for a typical order.

USPS: We can also ship via U.S. Postal Service, however we charge a $6 processing fee in addition to the U.S. postage charges.

Discs are typically shipped within 48 hours once payment is received.

All prices are listed in U.S. dollars. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal & money orders. (Personal checks are also accepted, but they must clear the bank prior to order shipment.) Credit card orders can only be shipped to the billing address of the card, unless special arrangements are made. Your credit card will not charged until merchanise is shipped to you. We do not ship C.O.D.

If you use a non-U.S. credit card, your bank will automatically convert to your home currency based on current exchange rates. Many banks also charge a currency conversion fee for this service, and the final charge to your account may be affected by such fees.

The quickest way is to just telephone us at 831-423-1935. Otherwise just contact us via our on-line form and we'll check stock and get back to you.

All sales final. We cannot guarantee the quality of the factory pressing.

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